5 Free WordPress plugins that make your life easier

5 Free WordPress plugins that make your life easier

WordPress is a very well-established, solid CMS. Nowadays, it powers rougly 60-70% of all the websites over the internet. It’s not just a blogging platform anymore. For years, it has become the #1 platform for developing more and more types of websites.

Either if you’re a professional wordpress developer or just a guy trying to manage his own blog / personal website, below you can find a list of 5 FREE wordpress plugins which I strongly recommend for absolutely all wordpress websites. They will make your life easier, believe me. These are very popular and reputable plugins, but for some reasons, certain web developers tend to overlook them and go with uselessly complicated plugins instead.

1. iThemes Security (Former Better WP Security) 

This plugins takes care of your website’s security. It can protect it from brute-force attacks, can change the url of the admin area (so you can ditch the wp-admin), can inform you of wrong login attempts, and so on. It’s a definte must-have for any kind of wordpress-powered website

2. Contact Form 7

One of the most simple, yet powerful and 100% customizable contact forms plugin available. The contact forms support all kind of fields, recaptcha, file upload, etc.. and they can be customized in a plethora of ways. The forms can be integrated via shortcodes, so you basically can add them anywhere on the website. Simple admin interface, free and lightweight

3. WordPress SEO by Yoast

By far the most efficient wordpress plugin for SEO. I’ve tested over 20 SEO plugins in the last years, and this one is the most advanced, yet easy to use. It’s free and lightweight, it provides a nice form under each post, page or category so you can set up the proper meta-tags to basically any page in your website. It comes with a real-time wordcounter so can write the meta tags with the proper lenght Also, you can set it up to automatically push sitemaps to Google

4. W3 Total Cache

Free and efficient, W3 Total Cache can help you optimize the loading speed of your wordpress website by serving static pages to your visitors. It will save you up some bandwidth, and make the navigation faster. However, use it carefully if you have dynamic content on your website because it can sometimes mess things up.

5.  Counterize

If you’re a statistics freak, Counterize is the right plugin for you. It can provide real-time statistics related to your website’s visitors, traffic sources, browsers, countries, referrals, and much more. Basically it’s your own, self-hosted Google Analytics.

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