5 things each modern website should have

5 things each modern website should have

The Internet is changing. It’s the time of web 2.0, of modern websites and mobile browsing. Well… we all know that this is a micro-blog so I’ll (try to) keep this short.

Here’s 5 things each respectable modern website should have:

1. Responsive design – Especially with the latest google update from April 2015, a website is doomed to failure if it doesn’t feature a responsive design. The mobile friendliness of a website can be tested online, in just a few seconds, using Google’s Mobile Friendliness Tool

2. Easy to read content & quick navigation– Web 2.0 trends make a website stand out from the crowd especially through the big titles and sticky navigation. Wherever you are, on the website, you should be 1 click away from switching the page. Also, the fonts should be modern, “easy on the eye”, and big enoughj for everybody. The design should use warm colors, nice contrast

3. Speed – A modern website should be fast. Choose your server wisely, because the TTFB (Time to First Byte) should be as short as possible and the website loading speed should be blazing fast. Ditch all the unused jquery code and scripts, optimize your images for web and try to use only resources that load fast enough not to keep your visitors waiting. tools.pingdom.com can help

4. Social Media Integration – nowadays everybody shares content. Either if it’s a funny picture, an interesting article or a viral youtube video. Regardless if you’re browsing on your PC, tablet or smartphone, the share buttons should be present on EACH article of your website and should be 1 click away.

5. Google Analytics Integration – now this is optional if you really don’t care about your traffic sources and your website’s performance. But again.. who doesn’t care about these things? Without Google using Google Analytics, you basically run your website like you’ll be driving a car in the dark, with the headlights off. Analytics provides feedback. You can see what’s your best traffic source, what are your best keyword rankings, and so on. Of course, it must be combined with Google Webmasters (Search Console) for best results.

Now feel free to share this article, in the name of Web 2.0 !

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