A Freelancer’s Guide to Accomplishing Goals 

A Freelancer’s Guide to Accomplishing Goals 

As a freelancer, I have always managed to continue pursuing my personal goals or targets, no matter how hard the path towards success was. A couple of quick and helpful suggestions can help any young freelancer who’s just starting to get into the business and is learning all the possibilities that come alongside freelancing.

As a freelancer, I struggle with several different things, and that is pretty normal, but as time goes by, you learn how to avoid the obstacles and you start accomplishing goals much easier. bestself.co was one of the web-pages that helped me find out a lot about freelancing, especially the self journal. You can buy a self journal at  http://bestself.co/ and start writing anything about accomplishing your goals and future projects, in the most sophisticated way possible.

First of all, you should know how to make a difference between your big and small goals. Always look objectively when writing down all your goals in your journal and think about everything from a wider perspective. Then you can break down your goals and make a map where you will separate your bigger goals from the smaller ones.

The second important thing when it comes to accomplishing goals through freelancing is visibility. Always make sure you have your own copy of the goals you have and stay focused to move towards all of them. You can even upload a photo on your laptop, as I did recently. I just put a photograph as the background of my laptop so I could always be reminded of my goals when it comes to freelancing. If you ask me, there’s not any kind of more superior motivation than constantly being reminded of your optimal goals.

The third thing on our list is time. When I break down all my goals into several steps that will lead me to start accomplishing each and every one of them, I give myself  several deadlines for all of my tasks. Therefore, I will know how much time I have to finish up with all of my goals.

Always remember one thing – you should never push yourself too much, because that way, they might never even become reality. The Freedom Journal: Accomplish Your #1 Goal in 100 Days by John Lee Dumas sets a very good example of how freelancers can easily reach their goals.

Another thing worth mentioning is – not to give up, ever. Even when I feel like I am not making any significant progress, just moving forward to my goal can keep me more motivated than only standing still with my hands crossed.

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