Charly Suter is currently working for PostFinance in the interesting field of Swiss SMEs, responsible to bring the marketing-strategies on the ground and as well for further development in the world of SMEs. He used to Partner of the NPO-Business Network Plattform “Connect China” and he wrote several e-Books and produced a online course on how to work with a virtual assistant. He is president from the board of management of Schwarzhorn Eischoll AG. In his former position at Credit Suisse he was acting in the field of internationalization of SMEs and the coordination of international organizations such as OSEC, Swiss export, Swiss Shippers’ Council, Swissmem and various chambers of commerce. He has a strong practical and educational background in Marketing and attained diplomas in Direct Marketing, in Marketing Planning (FA) and Sales Coordination (FA) as well a diploma in Event & Sponsoring from the ESB St. Gallen. Furthermore, he obtained a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Marketing Management and Business at the University of Basel. During his stays abroad in England and France he acquired a good command of English and French which is essential for his work in an international environment.