Android App development: HTML5 vs Native Android App

Android App development: HTML5 vs Native Android App

There’s a while now since I’ve started to become more and more interested in Mobile applications development. I didn’t start yet, because I still have to decide on several factors (such a coding language, platform, etc) but today, during my research I’ve stumbled across an interesting article on AndroidAuthority that features a detailed comparison between HTML 5 and Native Android coding for building and developing an applications.

It shows advantages and disadvantages of each method, but to sum it up here’s the headlines.

  • Portability to different Operating Systems : PRO HTML5
  • Costs of Development: PRO HTML5
  • Speed: PRO Native Android
  • Best use of hardware: PRO Native Android

Of course, using HTML5 alone you cannot achieve complex application or games with advanced graphics, but it can be used as a foundation for the user interface, since this is basically what we’re talking about.

Anyways.. if you want to find out more about what coding language to use for coding your mobile android application, go ahead and read the full article.

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