Coffee everywhere

Coffee everywhere

The life of a freelancer has a hugh advantage – you are free to work where and from where you like. Sitting outside in the park, up in the hills or just on a bench next to the sea. But there is a thing, the gazoline for freelancer – the coffee which is missing.

No input no output. We all know. It is nice to be free to work on different places but, there is not always some coffee closed by. The battery of the laptops are full or recharged by some solar panels, but coffee? Yes there is a solution for that as well. We recommend you the espresso handpress. Get your coffee where you like, whenever you like. Check this out.


Perfect Coffee everywhere Bundle

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Where do you like to work? Outdoor, homeoffice, coworking-spaces or at other places? Tell me, I would like to know. Enjoy your coffee.


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