What is Google CardBoard – Cheapest Virtual Reality Kit

What is Google CardBoard – Cheapest Virtual Reality Kit

I’m sure many of you are fans of Virtual Reality. With Oculus Rift being still in an early stage and a bit expensive, some of you might look elsewhere for alternatives. Well, the cheapest Virtual Reality (VR) kit on the market nowadays is Google CardBoard. It works with any android (and iPhone, it seems) smartphone that has a display of at least 5″ and it’s made of… well, cardboard.

The whole concept of this virtual reality kit is actually built around 2 lenses that are fit inside a cardboard box. You put your cellphone on one side of the lenses, and you look through the other side. Of course, you need some compatible android apps, which you can find here. It sounds cheap and it is, but believe me, the feeling and experience is exactly the same as when you are using a very expensive and advanced VR kit. Most of the apps are actually exploration-oriented, but you can also watch youtube videos, and navigate through virtual cities or museums. And even Google Earth !

Google doesn’t sell these virtual reality kits on the official page, but it provides detailed instruction regarding how to make one, and even links to some of the most popular manufacturers.

how to make a google cardboard

If you have enough patience, you can make one by yourself. I find all the materials pretty simple to acquire, but the lenses can be a bit trickier to get. If you decide to buy one, you can find a Google CardBoard Virtual Reality kit starting at around $19. The most expensive ones are made of plastic and costs up to $50.

Sadly I cannot show you any footage of a virtual reality experience, because you have to look through the lenses.

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