What is the Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things

If you are used to read online tech publications, you may have noticed that recently, more and more people talk about the “Internet of Things”. or “IoT” and you might ask yourself what the hell does it mean? Well, let’s clear the fog and have a quick look at the Internet of Things, trying to explain it as simple as possible:

The basic concept behind the Internet of Things is that any device that has an electronic circuit should be able to connect to a network. Nowadays, more and more devices have wi-fi capabilities (wearable devices as smartwatches or glasses, digital cameras, printers, smartphones, and so on). Also, the Internet coverage is getting bigger and the bandwidth prices are getting lower, so being online shouldn’t be a problem anymore. The Internet of Things is all about connecting all the devices to a big network and allow them to communicate with each other, for improving the efficiency, productivity, safety, usability and so on.

Think how cool it would be if all your home appliances could communicate with each other, in order to provide you more comfort and efficiency.

For example, your freezer could send a message to your smartwatch and notify you that the beer you just put in has reached the perfect temperature. Or your alarm clock will send a message to the coffeemaker to start making your coffee in the morning, right after you wake up.

The possibilities are basically endless. The Internet of Things it’s a concept that, at its core, aims to connect all the electronic devices to a network. Think of cars that could automatically notify people that the driver will be late because of traffic jams, or even better, think about cars that could send signals to other cars that they shouldn’t take a specific route, because there has been an incident.

At a big scale, transportation and city-planning could evolve tremendously. Libelium  it’s a company that started developing a an open-source sensor platform for the “Internet of Things”, which should help all the devices around a city to connect with each other, in order to create a “Smart City”. Below you can see their graphical concept:

Libelium smart world infographic


Studies show that by the year 2020 more than 26 BILLION devices will be connected to the network.

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