Windows 10 will be available on 29th of June

Windows 10 will be available on 29th of June

We already know that Microsoft is pushing to launch the new Windows 10 Operating system during the 2015 summer. Well, now know we have an exact release date:

Microsoft Windows 10 will launch on June 29th 2015.

More than that, you can upgrade for FREE in the first year. And even more, Microsoft states that you can upgrade from Windows 8 or 8.1 to Windows 10 even if you are using a pirated version.

More details about how to ugprade to Windows 10 can be found on the official Microsft page.

The preview versions of Windows 10 was looking promising, but there were lots of bugs and issues to be fixed, along with drivers and device incompatibilities. Add the new Edge browser on top of that, and it looks like Microsoft has a lot of work to do during this month.

Users can already find an icon in their taskbar, which they can click in order to reserve their copy of windows 10.

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