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I will design a sketch or custom idea for your tattoo with meaning

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  • I offer the design or sketch of a personalized tattoo that represents something or someone important, to give meaning based on memories, tastes or valuable or significant elements
  • The sketch will have no color, but the effects needed to be of quality. Unless you pay for the color extra;
  • The design can be by hand or digital for a cost of $ 5 as long as it is a simple design (black, between 1 and 5inch and a maximum of 2 figures);

The design will have extra charges for adding grays, realism or increasing the size to 6inch or more;

  • The design will have extra charges for adding figures, remembering that the initial payment is for a max. of 2 figures. This will be based on the difficulty, the size , and the amount of element to add;
  • The design will not be a particular tattoo style, it will be a free drawing based on the descriptions and ideas provided by the buyer, always inspired to give it a special meaning.;
  • Currently I only do digital work;
  • The end result could be used by the seller to promote their services on other platforms. If you want your design to be exclusive, please let the seller know.
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