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Thursday, January 27, 2022

I will illustrate a portrait based podcast cover art or logo

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Stand out and attract more listeners to your podcast!

Please read carefully

  • Pop art portrait drawn directly from your photo of the podcast member(s)
  • Title of your show
  • Dotted background
  • JPG suitable for iTunes (1400×1400 / 3000×3000) / platform of your choice, do specify
  • Source file for Standard/Premium packages

Please choose your photo carefully:

  • Make sure the photo of the podcast member(s) is SHARP, select the appropriate Gig package for it from my packages above
  • After the file is delivered, a request to draw from an entirely new photo doesn’t count as a Revision request, only improvements to the illustration counts as a revision request. 
  • I draw directly from the photo in the style shown on the samples above. The expression, outfit and angle will be the same in the drawing as in your photo, make sure that the photo is exactly how you would like the portrait to be drawn 
  • If you have an extra requirement / are unsure, just message me before placing an order

You can also use this gig to draw your Guest Speakers on your podcast!

Ideal for Sports podcasts, business, educational, politics, tech, gaming etc

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