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I will answer a feng shui question

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I have been a feng shui consultant since 2003. And I find that a lot of people don’t really need a full feng shui consultation service. All they want is to have a question answered.

Which is why I’ve created this .

I will answer one question about one feng shui issue.

To get the most out of this , you should be as specific as possible.

When relevant, do provide details about the property or any related information.

For example, a good question might be “Where do I place the water feature in the living room?”. Additional info you might provide include the layout of the room, the north-south axis, age of the house, picture of water feature, etc.

The quality of my answer will depend on the quality of your question and info provided.

If you ask a closed question, you might get a yes or no answer.

Please note that answers to your questions will be straight-forward and direct.

Questions you might want to ask include those for:

  • placement of furniture and fengshui items
  • choosing a house to buy or rent
  • favorable elements and colors
  • enhancing good luck for specific life aspects
  • etc

See FAQ for types of questions to avoid.

Please be aware that I’m not conducting a class or tutorial here

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