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I will either change 5 beliefs or clear 5 trapped emotions regarding love

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With this  I will help you to change 5 beliefs (both clear the negative as well as install a positive belief) or clear 5 trapped emotions that are in the way of you manifesting a better Love Life.

What are trapped emotions?

Those of you that are aware of the Law of Attraction understand that we are the creators of our reality. But as some of the Teachers of the Secret also share is that a very important part of the conscious manifestation is getting clear of limiting beliefs. All sorts of trapped emotions (negative emotional energies) are linked to those beliefs, and they literally can be stuck in your energy field.

Sometimes you even inherit trapped emotions from your parents at the point of conception that might be traced back many generations ago.

Here is what another customer have said about my work:

”This is a very effective and deep clearing process that in a very short period of time have helped me to fully be free from my traumatic experience and focus on creating a better life.”

* As everyone has different baggages the result varies. Please send me a message before ordering and we will find out how much work is needed to get the desired results.

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