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Saturday, January 22, 2022

I will create an amazing radio ready ad for you

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Hi, we will FULLY CREATE your 30-40 second RADIO READY COMMERCIAL complete with the SCRIPT (We create for the ad), 2– back round MUSIC BEDS,VOICE OVEREFFECTS and ALL MIXED TO PERFECTION!

Our RADIO READY ADS for $10 bucks, Includes Script, MALE VOICE, effects and 2-music beds! *OUR Female or DJ Voices are extra’s!

But Wait There’s More, I will also send your new radio ready ad to YOU as an MP3 File to use ANY PLACE you like.

WE CAN also play your new ad on our RADIO SHOW, our RADIO STATIONS or even BLAST your LINK to ALL of our shows social networks.

Our show is new every Saturday and is syndicated on over 100 internet radio stations like: NHBradio, goodandplenty, radioluv & more.

Our show is also downloaded from our show’s website and fan page, meaning your ad keeps on working for you FOREVER! 

Get your ads done by a REAL Radio Show, not just a guy with a mic in his basement!

If you already have your own script, no problem, we can create the full radio ready ad using it!

Take YOUR radio advertising to the next level!

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