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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

I will make master your audiobook to pass acx standard

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Many years in audio having successfully processed many audiobooks to ACX standard I can help you achieve this

For my premium will manually edit out breaths and mistakes and listen through for other noises caught in the recording. This will give a much more polished feel to your audiobook than software can

Basic:- Mastering or fixing your prepared files, using noise reduction, repairing spacing issues, compression, gating and equalisation techniques processing them as the correct Mp3 format to meet ACX technical requirements.

Standard:– This is the same as basic, but I will use industry standard software to remove excess mouth noises, pops, booms and breaths in the recording, I will also create a retail sample

Premium:– Just leave it to me!! All you need to worry about is the narrating. I will manually in depth edit, remove noises, excess breaths, master, split into chapters and export in MP3 format to ensure your book passes every ACX requirement 

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